Founded in 2011, Provide Media is the culmination of nearly 2 decades of online lead generation experience.  Provide Media is a full- service performance marketing firm offering a complete suite of interactive marketing opportunities.  We provide Services for advertisers and publishers of all sizes, shapes, niches, demographics, and technologies.

Our dedicated team members have a proven track record producing high quality leads for our advertisers and increasing website value for our publishers. Our combination of experience, creativity, technical skills and relationships built on communication and transparency mean that we operate with the highest level of integrity and provide an ROI that rivals any competitor.

Our clients rely on us to generate a maximum return on their investment. We deliver the pieces of the puzzle that provide results! Please Contact Us now to learn more.


Provide Media works with several clients in a number of verticals.  Publishers in our network include top-tier websites. Current advertising partners using the network range from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies including Dell, American Baby, Family Dollar, and Kellogg’s, among others. 


The key to success in any coregistration program is closing the information feedback loop between the publishers and the client.  Of the many traffic sources large publishers manage, they need to know which of their sources are meeting the client’s success metrics and which of them are not.  Without this proper feedback to the publishers, inefficient lead generation is the result.
Provide Media will manage this important function to optimize traffic sources by each publisher.  First, Provide Media will coordinate with each publisher to obtain traffic source IDs for each lead.  Provide Media will then integrate the traffic source data with the client data, and perform source analysis to weed out traffic sources that do not meet client success criteria while increase leads from productive sources.  Success criteria can be simple email metrics, such as opens, clicks and opt-outs, or purchase and other back-end metrics defined by the client.