• Leads Generated From Premium Media Sources
  • Customized Campaigns based on Program
  • A Relevant Resource for Prospective Students
  • Trusted Resource for Higher-Ed. Administrators
  • Advanced Data Validation
  • Special Attention Paid to Compliance

Advertisers: Qualified Prospective Students

myDegreeHelper.com, our new lead portal, matches potential students to the right school based on each individual’s chosen degree program, campus preferences, and location. The portal also provides information for potential students about degree programs and the differences between campus and online schools, along with other resources. This methodology ensures students find the best schools for their individual needs, and schools receive inquiries that are primed to enroll.

Publishers: A Network You Can Trust

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Provide Media partners with LeadiD and PerformLine to help improve lead quality by authenticating lead origin and history - leveraging neutral, independent 3rd party platforms to provide the highest quality data for our partners.